“I awoke that day to the heavy scent of long spent torches. I slowly opened my eyes and attempted to focus on my surroundings. Beams of daylight crept through the slatted walls, warming all they touched. My body felt awkward, displaced…wrong. I tried to lift my head, but my mind reeled and swam with the visions of madness and evil from the past few days. An evil that seemed to speak through me. It all seemed a dream. My eyes finally focused on a body lying on the floor next to me- my body. With shock and horror I realized what had happened. My young student had sacrificed his body selflessly, to house my soul. I looked at my hands which were his with despair and grief. Revenge stirred within me. My sword was gone, as was the abomination I created. I vowed then that I would not let my student’s sacrifice be in vain. There had to be a way to fix what had been broken and I intended to find it.”

~Suro Adium

The Twilight Demon

The Twilight Demon is a campaign set in the homebrew world of Dead Reckoning (the form of navigation, not undead…). The first chapter of the campaign is called “The Baleful Blade”.

More to come…. Under Construction…

The Twilight Demon

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